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Monochrome aspires to be artistically advanced but technically uncomplicated.

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Several innovative features are included in the current beta, and more are on the way. Here is a partial list of features:

Nondestructive: Source images are never touched, and there are no sidecar files.

Location-independent: Monochrome doesn't care where your image files are. Monochrome edits are associated with image identity, not image location, so you are free to open your images from any storage location.

Resolution-independent: Work on sized-down copies on your netbook, then sync and open full-size images on your workstation and continue editing session.

Format-independent: Edits are connected to image identity, not file format. This means a JPEG and a TIFF copy of the same image are considered the same image. Edit either image, Monochrome doesn't care.

Device-independent: Use any computer synced to your Monochrome cloud - your edits are where you are. As long as you have access to a copy of your images - locally or in the cloud - you can continue working on them.

Multiple image versions: Make different interpretationsof an image, such as color and black-and-white. Each version maintains its own editing history.

Full undo: from first edit of an image, past editing sessions. In fact, editing history is all that is stored.

Cloud sync: Work on multiple computers. As long as you have a copy of the same image, at any resolution, you can sync and continue your editing session.

Cloud image editing: Open and edit images directly on cloud image galleries such as SmugMug, Picasa and Flickr.

High-precision unclipped floating point mode: With tone maps for high dynamic range editing (experimental).

Layered image editing model with filters, brushes, shape masks and color masks

Supports very large images using even moderate amounts of memory (current file size limit is 2GB limit due to TIFF file format limitation).

Support for JPEG and TIFF image file formats (the most common TIFF formats are supported)

Fully color managed workflow from input to editing to output.

Monochrome is currently a non-commercial software in beta-testing. To join the beta program, go to the Beta page.


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Here are some of the work in progress for future Monochrome releases.